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Tangible Presence is the website of photography by Lynden Swift.

I was taught the principles of photography at an early age by a wonderful fellow and his family (Frank & Molly Jones) who took me under their wing and who I, in the way that children sometimes do, unconsciously latched onto and ‘adopted’. Unable to shake me off, they took me under their wing and set about transforming the unruly child that I undoubtedly was into something at least resembling a young adult.

From adolescence onwards I managed to forget almost all of what I was shown. So I am now trying to remember and relearn and having a great time doing so.

I am lucky enough to have had my work shown in national newspapers, in a number of magazines for article and cover illustrations, for local government publicity material and used as the cover for a book on mythology. My work has been featured in the book "100 Best Photographers of JPG Magazine" and the pictures of tea plantations in Munnar were exhibited as part of the Bristol Gallery as part of the Festival of Nature.

Current projects and fascinations can be found at